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Fig. 84:

DINAL1 / mmMaterialD1D2Art.Nr.PDF
DIN 16258G1/41,5Stahl5,29,510084022  
DIN 16258G1/41,51.45715,2910084023  
DIN 16258G1/41,5Kupfer5,29,51008402CU  
DIN 16258G1/41,5Centellen5,29,51008402IT  
DIN 16258G1/41PTFE5,281008402T  
DIN 16258G1/22Stahl6,217,510084042  
DIN 16258G1/221.45716,51710084043  
DIN 16258G1/22Kupfer6,217,51008404CU  
DIN 16258G1/22Graphit6,217,51008404G  
DIN 16258G1/22Centellen6,217,51008404IT  
DIN 16258G1/21,5PTFE6,217,51008404T  

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